Friday, February 27, 2009

I like big butts and I cannot lie...

Throughout my pregnancy I had a deal with the nurses and midwife that the number on the scale would NEVER be uttered. I did not want to know where I was beginning or where I ended. If there was an issue they could let me know but other than that mum was the word. I truly became a bit bratty about it. I was aware that I didn't start out my pregnancy thin and I knew for a fact I wouldn't end up that way because I don't "nest" during pregnancy I eat and watch TV.
Today I had my six week after birth appointment. Super fun. I decided that I would check the number on the scale today - just to get a jumping off point for a possible weight loss goal. Bad idea. The big, fat roly poly number ruined my day. Also, come to find out, I actually weigh less right now then I did when I started. My fat butt is actually smaller than it was a year ago!
Now, I'm not a giant woman. I'm actually pretty normal really (if normal is XXL I suppose). However normal stinks when I still need to lose 20 lbs. to be "ideal" and apparently an entire person if I want to be Kate Moss.
Now, I will NEVER tell you or anyone else what the number on the scale was today. I'm always surprised when ladies tell their weight. TC says I should work for NASA because I've kept my weight so secret and would rather take a beating than reveal it. Those people at the fair that "guess the weight" can kiss my butt - unless they want to guess 105 and then I'll pay extra. The fact that I actually know the number right now is a lot and pretty much stinks!
To be honest I have zero ambition right now to diet. I'm actually ALWAYS hungry and constantly want to eat. I try and tell myself that's because I'm nursing and burning extra calories. However, I think it's just because I'm piggish and bored. As much as I love my new bundle of joy and his brothers I'm not exactly having a rip roaring good time right now. I rarely interact with adults and I don't get any time to myself, so the idea of then depriving myself of chocolate seems silly to me. I try to just not buy sweets - or really food in general - but I lose that battle often (since I have to feed my family but whatever).
It's just so annoying. So, to stop being annoyed I'm going to go eat 27 pieces of pizza, down some M&M's and swig some diet coke. That will show my butt who's in charge...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

40 daisies daisies...

It is officially Lent. That may not mean anything to some of you but to someone living in Satan's Pants, AKA home of Catholics (which almost makes me feel bad for typing Satan's Pants right before Catholics but whatever) that means time for Ash Wednesday, Friday Fish and a 40 day "sacrifice".
Ash Wednesday was yesterday. On Ash Wednesday and every Friday between now and Good Friday Catholics like TC are not suppose to eat meat - only vegetarian dishes and fish. TC and his family thinks this is quite fun - I find it annoying. I didn't grow up Catholic - Lutheran actually - but when I go out to lunch or dinner on a Friday I don't need ugly eyes on me because I want a juicy burger and not a piece of lake perch. Gag. I don't really find it that super fun to order up a fried piece fillet o' yuck just because everyone else grew up Catholic. I get the symbolism - but I think it's silly. Whatever floats your boat I guess - HA!
Last night TC asked the boys what they were giving up for Lent. He explained to them that God gave up his son for us and to show gratitude we give up something during Lent. Of course little bit said poop (everything is poop) but the older child sat at the table and proceeded to cry. He did NOT want to give up anything. I found this ridiculous and typical. It's not like anyone expects him to give up food and water for 40 days or talking (all though that's not a bad thought). I mean an after school snack or a toy or something would be fine. First he decided he would give up the Wii. After thinking about that for approx. 2 minutes he changed his mind. No way is he giving up his Mario Cart Racing for 40 days. He's now settled on his after school snack. However, when he gets home this afternoon I'm sure we'll have waterworks when he's hungry. I'll give him an opportunity to change it again - but then it has to stick or I'll decide for him. As far as my now middle child, poop probably won't work. I'm not sure what TC is giving up but I've apparently given up sleeping and showers. If that doesn't count there's always alligator wrestling and underwater basket weaving...
**I totally called it - the big one came home and said he was thirsty. I reminded him that he wasn't getting a snack because he had given them up for Lent. He was OK with it. Then about an hour later he came upstairs and was sneaking around in the kitchen - he snuck a granola bar and put it in his pocket. He was totally busted. Then about 2 seconds later the tears came and the I'm so hungry sob story started. He's thinking about a change...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Things I've realized today:

I know it's been a while since I've posted. However, since I'm in a semi decent mood today I thought I would grace you with my brattiness. Why only semi decent you ask? Because: 1) I haven't slept since sometime during the second trimester 2) It's cold as crap - again and I've had quite enough 3) keep reading...
1) I love my new school bus. It's not really a school bus but it's a awfully large and in charge brand spankin' used mini-van. This is my third. I know some of you are saying "ewww" but really it's heaven. It's a bit roomier than my last van ( I know, hard to belive) and all the doors open with the push of a button. My first van I had to open all the doors myself - the horror, and my last one only one opened with a button. This monstrosity has three doors that open. I don't have to lift a freaking finger. And why should I have to?
I know you're thinking that I have to be too cool for a mini-van and you would be right. I should be trekking around in a boat sized SUV like all the other super cool mommies, but I have a hard time parking vehicles and I've wrecked my fair share of cars. So, driving around in a boat is not an option. Not to mention that paying for the gas in one of those these days is ridiculous. So, I have to settle with being cool in a mini-van. I can totally pull that off because I'm awesome.
2)The infant loves country music! Caboose is a gassy mess and there is nothing I can do for him in the middle of the highway so, we try the loud music trick to "soothe" him - aka - stop the insanity. Today, George Strait calmed him down. So, George is my hero. He's always been one of my hero's - watch Pure Country and he'll be one of yours too with "All the Smoke and the Lights".
3) I don't like grocery shopping during the geriatric hour. I'm not trying to be ugly - I enjoy older people. I hope to be an older person someday that gets to hang out at the grocery store and drive the youngsters crazy. However, there is just no reason to block the aisles and not move. Meemaw and Peepaw need to keep on going. Also, if you insist on driving around the grocery store in your Rascal then at least put the pedal to the metal and get moving! Just because you have all day to hang out and visit with old friends at the local grocery store, I don't. I have babies to feed and pre-schoolers to pick up and TV to watch. Cold Case Files is not going to watch itself people!
4) Just because you're a fancy store does not mean that I want to pay your stupid inflated prices. I went to a baby shower this weekend. The mommy to be received a lot of cute gifts that I thought caboose would enjoy. So I stopped by the store she registered at today to possibly pick one or two up for the baby. However, the prices were so unbelievable high for a dang rattle that I decided he could live without them. While I was there though the owner was having a meeting and talking about how the economy was hurting everyone. Here's a tip buddy - lower your prices and people will buy your products. Satan's Pants has very few kid stores and if you would come off your high horse we'd stop shopping at Target and Wal-Mart and give hoity toity a chance.
That's it for today - baby is screaming. Need to find some more George...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Catch up

I know I've been a horrible blogger lately. I'll be honest - I'm too tired and don't really have anything interesting to tell ya'll about. However, I'm sure you all want to hear how life with three little boys is going so I'll fill you in:
Caboose had jaundice. He had to be put on a "billy blanket" to cure him of the ailment. Also, he wasn't gaining weight even though he was eating quite regularly. We had to run a lot of tests to figure out what was going on. End result - no one knows. Now it's only going to cost me $500 for the doctors to "practice medicine".
Last week I had the stomach flu. Yes, having the stomach flu with two young boys and an infant is super fun. I would have rather gone through labor again - true story. I'm truly thankful that I was the only one here to get sick. The only thing worse that being sick is having to clean up everyone else's sick.
I haven't slept much. Caboose thinks it's more fun to sleep all day and eat all night. We've had battles with gas keeping him up so my new best friend is the gas drop. He eats like a piggy every 2.5 hours at night and I'm exhausted. The only thing that makes all this worse is when he decides it's a good idea to tinkle on me while I'm half asleep trying to change his diaper. However, it's very rewarding when he's full and happy and has a slight grin on his face as he lays in his cradle and sleeps (I guess at least one of us is happy).
Other than all this and two other children who are trying my patients things here in Satan's Pants are sunshine and rainbows. Right now we're all just thinking spring and hoping the groundhog was wrong last week when he saw his shadow.