Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The big blue bomb...

Every year I have to attend a gala for the snooty volunteer organization I belong to. This year was a little different - to make it less formal you could wear anything from jeans to a ballgown. In this economy we didn't want people to feel like they had to go buy a new dress to attend a fundraiser. Good idea possibly but it's amazing how far people will take the "not as formal" attire.
While I wore a spring dress and TC wore slacks and a button down (yes - TC was forced to attend and not super pumped about it) and thought I was pretty casual for the event, there were people who took casual too far. Jeans and un-tucked shirts did not belong at this event. The lady in the too tight dress with converse sneakers needed to be thrown out. The presidents husband who looked like a sausage in his too tight jeans should just have stayed home. Instead he got up on stage and gave a toast. So creepy.
I'm not trying to make fun of what people wear. I understand some people don't feel comfortable in strapless dresses and heels and would prefer to wear sneakers and jeans. However, if you're going to pay upwards of $75 a dinner then at least brush your hair and leave your zip up sweatshirt at home.
Even though they attempted to make the event less formal (instead they made it a mommy and me play date at the park) they neglected to make the event less stuffy. The doctors and their wives still thought their poop didn't stink, and the "old money" families still had their noses so high in the air you could see their pea sized brains. TC who is so easy to get along with and would try to talk to a tree stump was miserable. Luckily I only have 1 more year obligated to this group and then their on their own. They'll have to seek out a new super bratty, I no like-a you, southern girl with a bad attitude.
And to be nice - I'm not even going to mention the poor girl in the 1980's bridesmaid dress with the giant bow in the back and lace in the front. BHAHAHAHAHA!

Living the unemployment dream...

I've become a statistic. After having a baby and taking some time off ,I returned to my very stressful 2 day a week receptionist gig (stressful is totally sarcastic). After being back 2 weeks we were all called into a meeting regarding the direction of the company. Basically, the old CEO/owner had to declare personal and professional bankruptcy and would no longer be a member of our "team" and the 40 year old sales guy who thinks he's 27 with his long in front thinning hair was going to achieve financing to purchase the company and things would run business as usual..
Famous last words.....
The following week I receive a phone call from the office manager that I would be put on temporary layoff for a month or so until they could work the kinks out. Everyone who did not have billable hours would be laid off. Those that did have billable hours would stay and just not get paid. Yeah - that sounds like a heck of a deal. So here I am all unemployed, collecting my unemployment and eating brownies living the unemployment dream.
The problem with all of this is the way it was all handled. Apparently Mr. Combover CEO (not to be confused with thinning hair who thinks he's CEO material but really he's a grown man with ADD) was not paying his taxes. Now I know this is OK in the Obama administration, but apparently in the real world they take everything from you if you neglect to pay your taxes. He was also taking peoples money out of their checks for their flex plan and 401k (or 101k in this market) and not contributing it - which is apparently against the law for anyone. Even though he was using the money to make payroll every month doesn't make it OK. Especially when he came to us in the meeting all crying and crap because the economy did this. NO COMBOVER- THE ECONOMY DIDN'T DO THIS TO YOU OR YOUR COMPANY - THE FACT THAT YOU'RE A FELON DID THIS..... The economy is crap right now however, if you do not pay your taxes and do not contribute to peoples investments then you're going to get caught and your going to get in trouble - with the law (so stupid).
Now I actually like Mr. Combover. He's an idiot but I don't think he's evil. Mr ADD however is going to run the new company into the ground pronto. It's now coming towards the end of the illusive "month" that I was going to be laid off. I'm not expecting a phone call needing me to come back. They haven't secured any financing and more than half of those "billable" people decided not to return. So now I'm out to find another 2 day a week, light on the stress heavy on the pay job. If you hear of one please let me know - I'll be on the couch watching Paranormal State until you do...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sorry it's been so long...

Wow, it's been a while. One one hand I've been super busy - working, shopping, facebooking, and taking care of three boys. On the other hand I haven't done anything that I figure anyone really cares to read about. Most of you can guess that I've been knee deep in screaming children, poopy pants and crappy weather. So, I just didn't see any reason to bore you with stories about all of that.

I started this blog as cheap therapy. If I could vent about all things Satan's Pants then maybe I could have a better attitude about it. Truth be told I still don't have a great attitude, but I enjoy writing things down and hearing from "readers" who either agree with me or at least think it's entertaining. Not to mention I get a hearty chuckle out of myself from time to time to make it all worth it.

Since it's been so long I think I should just up date you on what's been going on. The baby is great. He's a lousy sleeper but his sweet little smiles make up for that. We had a scare last month where they thought his skull was prematurely fused together and would require surgery. We had to have x-rays taken and when they turned out inconclusive we had to have a baby cat scan. Talk about sick at your stomach, wanting to puke craziness. We had the x-rays taken on a Monday afternoon. After calling every day that week the doctors office finally called me back on Friday morning to tell me the x-rays were inconclusive. I was one ticked off mama. We had to schedule a cat scan and they couldn't get us in until the following Wednesday. After the scan we had to wait another few days before they called to let me know everything was OK. On the one hand I was super happy that nothing is wrong with my precious baby. On the other I wanted to key the car of every nurse, doctor and radiologist that made me wait two weeks until I finally received news.

We spent Easter in Atlanta and it was awesome being home. TC traveled with us (no way in Satan's Pants was I going to travel with the three boys alone) so we acted like we were tourists and did things in Atlanta that I had never done. It's amazing what you don't do in a city when you live there. In the 26 years I lived in Atlanta I had never been to the Cyclorama or Oakland Cemetery. Now I can check them off of my list. We went to a hockey game, ate at the Varsity and visited with family. It was a great visit. Next time TC comes down we'll go to the World of Coke and maybe the aquarium. And while I'm there I'm going to wear my bright pink I heart ATL shirt and talk like a Midwesterner so I can truly be a tourist!

That's really all that's going on in my life right now. I'm knee deep in all things boys and I'm exhausted. I miss blogging and I miss the comments so I'll try to get back into the groove of things. If it's a while again though please don't be disappointed - just bear with me.