Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New chapter...

I'm baaaaack...... At least until I crash - which could be any minute now. I haven't "slept" since 27 weeks gestation and since I've had the baby I've slept less than usual. On the upside I've been a lot more comfortable and haven't had to go to the bathroom every 27 seconds. On the down side I'm beyond exhausted and not sure if I've brushed my teeth today (or yesterday) and hope everyone likes the outfit I have on because I've had it on for days and don't see an end in sight (I don't have a lot that fits and unless I buy every color of velor track pants you'll have to deal with the black and blue pair). However, I have the most adorable little boy and he's worth it. Now, call me at 2:30 a.m. and see if I still have that stellar attitude.
Labor and delivery went fine. I'm not going to sugar coat it for everyone that hasn't gone through it -It's no piece of cake. However, if you time your epidural right it's not so bad. I had the cutest British anesthesiologist with the cutest accent (he liked mine to by the way). I was so embarrassed when he asked me my weight -grrr. I was going to lie but the nurse had my chart so she would have called me on it. Also, I think if I had given him a bogus number that was too light then I wouldn't have had the correct ratio of meds to fat and that could have been bad. After that I got a little sick and anxious - like I was having a panic attack in slow motion and had to take a little nap to gain back my strength. I wasn't sure if I would have been able to push in the state I was in. When it came time to have the baby and push I pushed him out in 5 minutes flat and now here we are! TAA DAA!
The hospital stay was fine. The nurses and people are super nice and they try to make your stay comfortable. Operative word here is try. Every morning someone wakes you up to take blood - like at 5:30 in the morning. The nurses come in and want to take blood pressure etc. throughout the day as well starting at the crack of dawn. They are stingy with their pain meds and want to watch you nurse your baby to make sure you're doing it right. I've had two other kids - I think I can nurse - and I clearly don't need an audience.
We're home now. Baby has his days and nights mixed up and mommy's hormones are in flux. I don't have a lot of energy right now but I'm stabilizing. I cry over everything and the bank crisis has me on edge again. Hopefully soon we'll all be on a "schedule" and feeling better. I'm super happy to be finished with pregnancy, labor and delivery and happy to start the new chapter as mommy of three boys. Wish us all luck :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sweet Child o' mine...

I found out today that Wednesday is C day - as in Caboose day. It looks like me and my snarky attitude/mood swings/swollen ankles are heading to the hospital bright and early to be induced. This will be baby boy #3 induced exactly 2 weeks before his due date. I'm all for it - in case you didn't realize it I'm not the worlds most pleasant pregnant person - however, I believe I will be delivering my last child (dear God PLEASE) on the coldest January day in the last 15 years here in Satan's Pants. Only a child of mine would decide that was a great idea. It doesn't matter if he comes a day early or a day late - the next three are ridiculously cold and maybe it's better that I just stay in a nice hospital room where nurses and doctors are nice to me instead of trying to navigate around - in my cape - in the stupid cold. Poor Nana. She's heading up tonight. I hope she brings her Alaska clothes...
Little bit and I went shopping and to lunch today. I'm not sure he realizes how much his world is about to change. Last week he said his teachers wanted to know if the baby was here yet. He said "is it?". That's not a good sign. However, he's a sweetie so I think he'll be able to adjust. The big one will be fine. He'll now have 2 to boss around. Plus I'm hoping to bribe them both into being helpful. Wishful thinking I know, but maybe I'll get lucky...
So, if I don't blog again for a while you will know why. Until then, take care and peace out!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Black, Silver and White...

So, I'm in 100% bitch mode right now. Yes, I admit it - I'm evil. In my mind I have every right to be right now and if you disagree - well then bite me. However, I'm not going to use this post to fill you in on the misery that is pregnancy - I have other things up my craw right now.
I'm obsessed with facebook. I go on ALL THE TIME. It has been so super fun for me to re-connect with old friends from high school and college and some other people I've met along the way. I love stalking everyone and seeing what they're doing and pictures of their spouses, kids etc. What I love the most though is that if I'm "friends" with someone and they comment on one of their "friends" pictures I get to see them. That's the best. However, it's also a little sad - for everyone involved.
I have several "friends" who were super sweet, cheerleader types that I got a long with fine. They have a friend who I truly disliked in high school and I can safely say I don't like her much right now either even though I haven't laid eyes on her since 1993. I'm still pretty sure she was only popular because she was kind of slutty. I just really don't see any other reason anyone would have liked her. She had no redeeming qualities then, I'm sure she doesn't have any now either. Anyway, she is constantly using her scanner to scan pictures of middle school and high school and sending them out. I'm not in any of them - we weren't friends, but they're hilarious and really take you back. However, I'm beginning to wonder if she's obsessed with this time in her life because her time now isn't working out for her. She still has her maiden name - I'm assuming either someone wised up and divorced her or no one wants to marry her, all her "friends" went to high school with us which means she has no friends from later in her life- apparently she wasn't the queen bee in college, or didn't go because she's an idiot, and her hair still looks the same - which is bad since we were in high school in the 90's.
I'm not saying that it isn't fun to see old friends and old pictures - I DO NOT want to see any of me (middle school was the beginning, not end, of my awkward years). I also think it's right funny to remember that people would wear those hideous outfits and tease their hair like that and go out thinking they looked pretty. I just think she needs to step away from the scanner and get a life.
Maybe I wouldn't be this hateful if I felt better. Maybe I would even ask her to be my "friend". However, chances are I would be this evil regardless. I don't really hope she's miserable - my mama raised me better than that - I just think she may be on par with Bratness McSlut (who by the way is a "friend" on facebook - HA).
That's all for now. I have no more energy and I have to potty for the 1247th time today, and my head hurts. I feel confident with my new "attitude" something will annoy me tomorrow and if I haven't induced my own labor I may just blog about to make myself feel better. TTFN!