Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The last dance...

This past weekend TC stood up in - what I hope - is his last wedding. One of his best friends finally made the decision to settle down. We were the first - this is the last. I suppose since this was the last then the boys thought they should go out with a bang.
The rehearsal dinner was at a supper club. A supper club is a Midwestern word for old, smelly restaurant. Usually they've been around since the 60's, have the original furniture and the stale smoke smell from that era as well. They also usually have the same wait staff they started with and possibly the same bottles of liquor. They always serve fish - usually beer battered and fried- and there is possibly a marinated mushroom or a relish tray involved. They aren't my favorite places but to each his own.
One of my gripes about weddings up here are they are usually on Fridays (because that's convenient for everyone) and there is usually in excess of 2 hours between the ceremony and the reception. This wedding was luckily on a Saturday. However, the wedding was at 1:30 and the reception didn't start until 6. So, to waste time I bellied up to a bar and drank several margaritas to get the party started. I continued this through the dinner and into the dance. I was getting a little tipsy and dancing like an extra from Flash Dance when I realized I should probably slow it down or I was libel to show everyone my spanks and be truly embarrassed. Now, I'm not ashamed of wearing spanks. If they made them for arms I would wear those too. I also know some of my skinny bitch friends also use the spanks every now and again. However, being the drunk girdle girl was not at the top of my to-do list. So I switched to diet coke and continued on.
TC however did not stop. He continued to party like a rock star. He had some ridiculous conversations with the parents of the groom that I think may have embarrassed them and some "I love you man" moments with the other grooms men. I finally had to tell him enough was enough and I was driving him home. Since we ate at 6 and we danced until after midnight (I know - party freaking animals) TC was hungry and wanted to make a pit stop at Taco Bell. While there TC ordered 2 burritos and 2 cheese wraps. When we finally made it home and he embarrassed himself in front of his parents, he decided to chow down. Half way though his heart attack in a shell he asked me if any of this food was mine because he was sure he didn't order it. Oh for the love. Go to bed already and sleep until your hangover kicks in.
TC and I don't go out very often. We're usually order a pizza and watch The Soup kind of people. However, TC was in rare form Saturday night and I was glad I was sober enough to witness it. I'm also happy I was able to witness the last of the weddings - because I don't have the energy to party like a rock star again this weekend.