Sunday, August 9, 2009


Grad school is already a giant pain in my side. No, I'm not going to Grad school. I could hardly make it through the 5.5 years I spent as an undergrad (however, if I took out the Thursday night party and the keg stands I might have had a snowballs chance of making it out of there with a decent GPA - but what fun would that have been). TC is starting grad school. For the next year and a half he will be attending classes 2 hours from Satan's Pants every other weekend. Every other weekend I will be home alone. Every weeknight I will be upstairs alone while TC studies in the basement. Everyday I will cuss him and that too expensive ridiculous school he is forking out thousands upon thousands of dollars to.
I realize I'm being selfish. This is not a post of if I am or am not selfish (this weekend alone I've been called selfish, bratty and ridiculous - to which I say bite me). This is a post griping about the fact that for the next year and a half I will basically be a single mom raising 3 kids and every time I ask for help I'm going to get an "I'm busy studying or working or getting your foot out of my ass".
Since Pres. Bo thinks it's important to essentially put my husband out of business with his top notch health plan then I suppose this is an important investment for us to make. Hopefully grad school will teach TC the things he needs to know to work in a field other than the one he's in and make a good living doing it (which he'll need to to pay of this ridiculous school - his diploma better be made of gold, diamonds or cash). If Pres. Bo changes his mind and decides to be bipartisan on his health care bill then this will teach TC how to excel in the field he's in. Either way win win right? Whatever...
I know it's only a year and a half. However, have you spent a year and a half with an almost 8 and 5 year old and thrown in a baby to mix it all up? If so my hat goes off to you and you're a better person than I am. I haven't and I had no intention of doing so. I enjoy staying home with my boys. I also enjoy giving them to their daddy for some R and R on my part (I know, call me selfish).
I give TC props for throwing grad school into his mix. I commend him for bettering himself and trying to make life for his family better. I just think this is going to be very difficult for me and the boys as well and will on occasion need to vent. So I'm starting now - go ahead and start getting some things off my chest. Here's my question - how my brattier am I going to get when he actually starts?

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Tiffany said...

I'm sure this stage of life will not be easy but will pay off in the long run. Just do what you have to do to survive and not go nuts. Maybe you could hire a sitter one evening a week and get out of the house to run errands or go out for dinner with a friend. Hang in there! Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger right? Just put some lipstick on and you'll feel better.